Nature Simplifed

The Ultum Nature System

Introducing the latest premium line of high clarity Ultra Clear Tanks made by Ultum Nature Systems.  The low iron rimless glass allows an uninterrupted panoramic display to properly showcase your masterpiece. Rather than following the conventional sizing of typical aquariums, our dimensions keep the aquascaper in mind by focusing on the golden ratio. The additional space makes it easier to achieve that sense of perspective and truly show depth in an aquascape.

Golden Ratio Dimensions

The “Divine Proportion” incorporated into our Ultra Clear Tanks lays the foundation for a successful work of art

Diamant Clarity

91% clarity Diamant glass allows you and your audience to properly witness a true reflection of nature

Mitered Edges

45° precision cut edges combines sleek design with a wide angle to enjoy your masterpiece

 Laser Engraved

From our passion to yours, we share the aspiration for a beautiful centerpiece. 

An Aquarium for the Ages.

Creating your masterpiece.

Simply put, aquascaping is equivalent to underwater gardening.  Using rock, wood, aquatic plant and soil/sand, an aquascaper aims at achieving a lush and healthy garden within an aquarium.

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